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hello o-lobster, if you are still there .. thanks <3

Hi, sorry can I modify them and include them in my final course homework?

I wonder what this means:

Credit is not necessary, but if you create something using this tileset I'd be happy to see your work (you can comment with a link).

Great stuff!

Thank you , its very cool

Love the sprites, and I used them in my first game jam at itch!

Hey, used your assets in a game demo I made, and have previously used them for place holders

Sick. I'll try use this for a game

this looks really cool am i allowed to post a game using ur assets? I hope you dont mind me asking


I wonder what this means:

Credit is not necessary, but if you create something using this tileset I'd be happy to see your work (you can comment with a link).

Nice This is the great asset

Nice! I have to admit I downloaded them first without paying because the preview is a bit limited, but then I re-downloaded them and sent you some money. Keep up the good work!

relax it is free so the money is just a tip :p that i appreciate very much! thank you kindly :D

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Nice assets, I have hosted a small game jam which theme was to use your assets, thanks ;)

nice! thank you for that :D

Its fantastic!


Can i modify or create more animations with it?

yes of course!

Hi, will share your animation too ?

This looks awesome!

Would you mind telling me how you go about choosing a color pallet for pixel art?

Im trying to learn how to do it but feel its so hard to do.


well, i usually choose the pallet with less color (4 at minimum), but i recommend that you learn some color theory tho


Hi, I used some of your resources for this music video I made. Check it out!

yoooo thats so nice!! omg thx :D

Good job, this is a nice pack. Used quite a few assets in my game Dungeon Grid. Added you in the credits screen :)

nice one, thank you! :D

really good

bottom text

thank you! ;)

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I like your art and I'm using it for my project.

can you made a hero's dead animation ?

thank you ;)

well, maybe i'll do in some proper time

i likke ur assetsss...... although i made it a platformer :D, this asset was cool

here is the game(beta/demo version)

i think u should put a sword-slash animation bc thats what i wanted from this asset.... but overall its amazinggg!!!!!

nice one!

but you could've used my other asset pack that focus on a platfomer or metroidvania project, and it's free ;) check it out

thanks for using it tho :D

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yah ill make a scene where the knight goes out of the dungeon then your metroidvania platformer project comes in....... tnxx!!!!! also dont forget about the sword-slash/attack animation!!

Hi, are you interested in a large-ish tile set commission? I'm not sure how to contact you so I'll drop my details here.

Discord: Pixel#5000

my email is

I like your asset

thanks ;)

nice work dude :3

thank you <3

I made a series of videos of how to create a roguelike using the Godot Game Engine, this is the final result:

Thank you very much bro! Without your assets it would not have been possible

nice! thank you for using it :D 

i'm glad for that ;)

is it for unity's tile system?

i think it will work on most of the engines


enjoy :D

Nice tiles !

thank you! ;)

Hey! Thank you for posting this amazing art pack! I've just finished a game making video that utilizes these assets!

thank you very much for using it!

nice tutorial, it was pretty entertaining to watch ;)

very cool asset :) thanks

thank you! :D

Hi o_lobster, I was wondering  if   I could use  some art in this  and slightly modify it (with credit, of course) for  an upcoming game. Thanks!

of course! thanks ;)

Hi there o_lobster please can I use your assets in my upcoming game?

sure! good luck ;)

This is insane thankyou so much!

thank you!

Hey just wanted to share development on my game Frisbros  that uses your sprite pack.  Its a singleplayer or coop game of ultimate frisbee played in dungeons and mazes.   Thank you for the pixel art!

yoo, thats a fun game! i really liked the concept :D sadly, i wasnt able to play the coop mode, but either way the game is great, congrats! thank you for using my asset pack ;)

I'm so glad you like it :D I wanted to do the asset pack proud.  I'll be sure to attribute you in the credits screen in the next few updates!

Hi, I used your assets for a game jam. Thanks for the beautiful pixel art!

nice! thank you for using it :D i dont know if that is your first project, but you do a fine job, good luck and keep up the good work!

thanks, i,am edit this for my game 

ok! thanks

Can i edit this asset? and use them for my game?

yeah sure

I made a game with this:

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thats nice! i noticed that you used my two assets to make your games, i'm so glad for that :D keep up the good work

Knight is soooo cuteeeee!

thank you! 

tho i think he's lacking some personality but ok ;)

but its cute .d

do you need credit

(1 edit)

isn't necessary ;)

could you make another player pack please

i'm working on commissions, my e-mail is

thanks man


Thank you for making this Pixel Pack available, even though you said it is not necessary to give you the credits, I will give it anyway, because the pack is perfect! I'll be using it on Game Jam: Chaos, thanks again for the pack :)

Note: If something seems a little badly written or coarse, I'm using Google Translate ...


Thank you for the kind words! :D I'm very glad that you liked so much! Good luck for your next projects ;)

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