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Could you make a death and hurt animation for the player and the enemies?

sorry but i'll not work on this pack anymore :(

Not gonna Lie I've been working on Pixel projects for a while and was testing a game I was making using these tiles and the were nice! like really really really nice! Most people think that a game has to be big and epic to be a great game and no one cares for the pixels but art like this that goes back to the classic days is where it's at. There's so much that can be done with this and I want you to know that for a first project you've done a fantastic job!

thank you very much! i really love to work with pixels, but sometimes i just feel that i'm not that good, but seeing this kinda of comment makes me realize that i have the capacity to evolve further and become a real artist. Thank you Thank you!!! :D


Very nice, especially for your first project.


thanks! i made other pack not so long ago, check it out. :)

Will do, thanks!

Incredible tileset! I used it in a code-along in Thank you for sharing it!

good job man! i'm glad that you liked :D keep up the good work

Is there a attack animation?

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nope, sorry man, i'm not willing to work on this asset anymore :(

Great Tileset! I adapted them to an 8x8 size for my game: 

great job m8! nice concept and all, with a little more work on it, would make a great game, keep up the good work!

Hey. Awesome assets. Thanks for sharing. I've made a tiny free game using your art.

very nice! keep up the good work man!

Awesome!   🤯

thanks! ;)

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Can I modify and expand the current package and use it in business games?

yes of course :)

Thank you very much.

Hi dude! The tiny knight you've created is the hero of the game I've just published.

If you want to have a look:

congrats! nice to see that :D

Hello, I like your set of resources very much, and I have sponsored you a little, I hope you agree that I use this set of resources in commercial games. I will mark the source of the material in the developer instructions!

feel free to use :) ok thanks

this is amazing, could i edit and use these assets for commercial purposes?

With due credit, of course.

Continue please. 

of couse dude! :) thx btw

It's me again. Time passed, I almost completed the basis of my game:

I've tried to mail you, but don't see any answer still :( Is there any way to contact you? Would like to collaborate for some projects.

hey! that looks really nice, good job :)

If you wanna contact me, just send an dm on or on my twitter

Great art asset pack! I played around with it in unity, generated some normal maps for some of the sprites and used lighting to make it look cooler. Here's the link to a video of the prototype:

glad to see you used all the sprites :) i really liked the way the game plays tbh, nice job m8! btw, the shader looks nice

Nice work! Congratulations!

Look at the game you produce with this sprite:

thx man! nice job :D


Hey there, my name is Lucas, im a 13 year old indie game dev. Check out my game, I used some of your asssets in it... HAVE FUN!

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hey, thats pretty good, keep up the good work! :)

Nice work ! Simple but very effective, i like it a lot !

thank you m8 <3

This fits fantastically into out current project, thanks for the quality assets.
Are you planning on adding attack animations in the future, at least for the knight?


im glad to help, thx btw! and yes im planning on add an attack animation

Excellent work.  :)

thanks buddy ;)

I liked so much, but I'll be really happy if you make a attack animation included ;3

im glad that you liked :) but i think i dont want to go back and add new things to this project at least not now, because i working on a new one, maybe in the future idk

No problem men, continue working i think you're amazing :

Impressive, great detail, and animations, I'll be watching for your next releases.

thanks m8! i dont know when i gonna post a new pack :( but i am working on one for now e.e

Very good job. I really appreciate your work. Now I can learn with good asset pack :)


thx man, glad to help ya! :D

Thank you! Bought your updated version, keep it up!


thx for that! good day to you :)

See how it looks, tuned it a bit (wanted a door for 1 tile)

wow man this looks pretty good! gonna keep on tracks for soon updates

nice job *-*


Can we talk friend? email? :)

I really like your work but I was wondering if you could merge all the tiles into 1 set. Thx

i'll do it soon!

Noice. The platform I use is construct 3 so it requires a complete tilemap.

same zip "v1.1", just download again, notice me if you see anything wrong! :)

Hey, love this set. However, I have one problem. Is there a character running down animation included with this set? I downloaded it and cannot find it but it seems essential in a game where you can move up and down.

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no, I did it inspired by the nuclear throne and dungeon souls, and the pack name itself is simple, so sorry bout that :c

Thanks for the assets. <3

thanks man, i really liked the game! keep it up

Can I use them in my WIP game? Also can I modify them?  They look amazing but I can't use them in the original state so I have to modify them.

Good job anyways!

of course man! thanks btw

no problem


Hi! I recently used your assets in a small game, and credited you in the game's description (there's no credits in the game itself due to time constraints).

Thank you for releasing such adorable assets! :)


nice to see that, man, thanks! 

I couldn't stay away from the goblins... This one's got a bit more polish to it :)

I don't have any credits in this one yet but I'll try to figure out the best way to get them in a Kongregate game (comment/description/in-game). Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd prefer to be credited by name vs page.

Thanks again!


hey man, nice level design, i really like the game, good pastime tbh! it would be nice to see this working on android or ios haha good work man, credit me with the page, but if you cant manage to set that, dont worry :)


this 2 games that you make is great! if you want someone to work with, just dm me

Hi , will there be a new assetpack that is something like this ? 

well, i thinking to expand for a more rpg-like, with town center and others dungeons, but i think for now i will do a side-scroller assetpack, i just have to set the proper time to actually do lmao

Cool, anyways thanks again for this assetpack , it helped me a lot .

dont mention partner, im glad to be any useful :)

Deleted 4 years ago
Deleted 4 years ago

just credit me, but you can modify if you want, thanks btw :)


Please, don't use the proprietary .rar format. No one uses it on Linux or MacOS. Better use .zip, which is a cross-platform one, or 7zip if you want better compression (it is even better than in winrar).


oh, thanks for the info man, i gonna change that 

The locked door looks great


glad you liked :)

can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.


Of course man, just give me the proper credits haha

Ok thanks very much

Post a link of the game, i would love to see your work with my art

Hey o_lobster, I saw your pixelart on twitter and love it!

We're a group of developers for ChronoCraft(TimeTravel MMO-RPG) soon to release for alpha. Here's some of our work:

We're looking for an artist to make skins and textures. I want your talent at ChronoCraft.

This would be a for-profit project. I would love to speak with you

hey, thanks man! but I'll have to pass, I'm not working with pixels or texture yet :c

call me on discord: olobster#5537

Hey Olobster, I know its been a long time. I tried added your discord but that username doesnt exist.

Hey Olobster, I know its been a long time. I tried added your discord but that username doesnt exist.

sorry i dont use the discord anymore :(

Hey, I love this pack and the ideas are flying in my head. Was just testing out some of the tiles for designs and noticed "wall_side_right" and "wall_side_left" aren't what I think they're supposed to be. Since they are the big 16x16 textures and not the fluff pieces you put on the side of walls. If I'm wrong I'd like to hear it, because I can't find the tiles that go on the side's of the level.

Nevermind I found out that, "wall_top_right" and "wall_top_left" is what I need. I am still confused pf what the purpose of "wall_side_right" and "wall_side_left" is.

lol, if you do not want to use there is no need, I just put it because the edge of the wall would get more "clean" haha

Thanks for the info btw, I knew that sooner or later someone would notice a mistake that I did not realize

i'll try it, looks like really good!

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Thanks man, if you can do something, show me, I would be happy to see.

omg . I've been waiting for something like this!

Wow, that's great, thanks. <3

Super cool!

thank you <3

love them ❤️

oh thanks <3

Hey, I love this. Keep going my dude! 

thanks man <3 i will :)

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