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This is a Pixel Art Asset Pack for a platform or metroidvania type of a game, this pack will include two types of tiles: One for a forest level, and other for a cave level.

Background -  240x160

Tiles - 16x16

Herochar and Enemies - 16x16 and 16x8

DON'T RE-SELL THIS PACK! But you can download and use on a commercial game (put a link on the comment). If you want to credit me, just put: o_lobster or my link page: https://o-lobster.itch.io/


(this is just some of the animations)

  • An animated mainchar: 


  • Animated enemies:

  • Animated miscellaneous:

And some other things.

If you see anything wrong, just say on the comments, i will accept any type of criticism.
email: caio.cesar222@gmail.com


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platform_metroidvania asset pack v1.01.zip 148 kB


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Hey! I used this pack four our last project that we released a few weeks ago, it's beautiful and it helped us A LOT. I leave the link here so you can check it out :) https://uritj.itch.io/spellcloak, thank you so much!

yoo, that's amazing! i really liked the game and the controls feels great too! :D really, nice piece of art you guys have made, congrats.

thank you for using my pack and keep up the good work. ;)

Hi! My group and I used your asset pack for our game if you wanna check it out :) https://cajunwildcat.itch.io/life-finds-a-way

nice one, thank you for using it! you guys made a fine job on this first project of yours, good luck and keep up the good work! :D

thank you so much for the kind words!

Well done

thank you m8

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Just curious, is there a GBA game using these assets ? The background resolution matches the GBA's screen resolution, or is it mere coincidence ?

actually i used the resolution size of the gba to make the bg

I was wondering how do you get the background so clear? When I imput it into my game the background turns out blurry same with the tiles. Do you know a fix?

Is this unity? At least for unity you'd need to say no compression and have the filter be no point

Could I use this art in my project?

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yes of course! it'd be nice to if you just put some credit tho, just: o_lobster

(1 edit) (+1)

I think it should have a license (like Creative Commons Zero)


Well i leave as it is because i still accept the credits for it, if it is cc0 everybody would use freely, besides, i like to see the works of the people that use it



Great asset you post, loved the style.

I used the mainchar for my game.


Thank you for sharing.

thank you for using it! ;)

This an amazing asset. Ive never used tilesets before how do use yours?

(1 edit)


well, you've to use it in a game engine, i dont know how to explain exactly, i recommend you to see a video tutorial on youtube tbh

This is awsome!!!

thank you so much

i'm very glad for that! thank you :D

Here's the game: https://the-golden-nut.itch.io/heochor-demo

nice! tho the game feels kinda slow and the jump are too "floaty" i think if you continue working on this it will be a fun game, adding some checkpoints here and there and some platformer parts with puzzle idk.

good luck! if you ever need anything just contact me via email. ;)

Hello, my name is Wesley Silva.

I am writing a computer game using this package. First of all, congratulations on the excellent work.

This package spares no detail: It has all the support for various types of mechanics, characters, enemies ...

- I feel half empty, because the asset has already been used, but that's just my selfishness haha :)

- When the game is in an acceptable state, I will write another comment for you to see

My contact: wlgamer437@gmail.com

wow thats a nice comment! thank you :D

well, if you looking for some original art i'm open for commissions, hit me up on my email: caio.cesar222@gmail.com

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Used this character in a jam game, thanks for the great asset :)


Nice! thank you for using my pack and keep up the good work. :)


just tried your game, it's really cool!

Can't get the font to work in unity

Sadly i won't be able to help you with that :( the font on the pack is just a experimental thing

Too bad, guess i'll have to use another font with this art pack, https://jeroeno-boy.itch.io/brodher-quest We're still working on the game


thats okay man, just using the the assets already make me glad ;) yo, the game reminds me of the i wanna me the guy lol, it just need a little bit of work here and there

I kind of found the font as .tff: 


This is cool, what game engine did you use for the game? And do you know of any good tutorials to get started with this?

well, i don't know exactly what engine was used on the making of the game because that's a project that used my pack :P

for the tutorial tho, i suggest that you search on the youtube on how to make a platformer or metroidvania game using any engine thats better suits you, i recommend construct 3.

Hi, Thanks for creating this sprite pack and I am using it in a game of mine, when I finish it and post it on steam I give you credits and I give you a part of the money that I will earn here, if you want to see the project enter this link: https://skyfoxgm.itch.io/sky-darkcrow-demo

yoo, very fun game, i liked the sense of progression! tho the jump is too fast, the overall gameplay have potential!

i wish you great luck on the project! :D keep up the good work!

thank you very much, if this project works you could develop new pixelarts but this time i pay you

alright then, i'd be glad to do some work for ya

thanks, when i can profit from the game i will contact you, all right?

thats okay, i wish you good luck! :)

This has a lot going for it. I love the forest setting

much obliged ;)

Just love it! Seriously love the art and animations! One of the best I've found until now!

And, can I use it for a competition I'm participating in? I mean, what is the asset's licence?

Thank you very much! that means alot :D

Well, you can use it in any project you're working on, i'd be happy if you just credit me ;)

Sure, thanks!

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This has helped me a LOT for my game, i suck at pixel art or drawing, so I'm glad that i found this asset! thx :D


I'm glad for that! thank you :)


This is such a great asset pack. Just to let you know, I used this in my jam game here: Hooded Brothers by David Harrington (itch.io). Thanks so much for making this, it's awesome! :D

Yoo! Thats a great jam game :D Thank you for using my asset pack! I hope to see more projects of you in the future! Good luck for you and keep up the good work! ;)

damn, I just tried it and it's super fun!

keep making these nice games!

is this an individual pack?

yes, this pack contains sprites and tiles

Can I still contact you on this email?


yes, of course!

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I love you'r pack, thank you :D

Btw: since the number at the end of an _strip.png indicates the number of frames I think "slime_walk_anim_strip_18.png" should say 15 ;)

Is this pack free to use in any game ?

PS: sorry for my bad english

Thanks for that! i missed the count, sorry :(

gonna fix that right away :)

It´s Very Cool pack! thanks

thank you! :)

Oh, that's cool pack! Thx for we can use that in commercial projects, o-lobster!

thank you!


hey man this is cool could i get in touch with you i want to make a mobile game. I like you to make the assets for my game. Thanks 

okay! :)

Thanks man,

your sprites were really helpful

glad i could help! :) thanks


As lots of people are telling you, your sprites are dam good and thanks a lot for that. It allow devs to have something that look cool and not square everywhere

Do you plan to add more environnement ? Like desert, snow, etc.. ? 


thank you! :)

well, maybe, idk if i gonna continue work on this pack in specific, but i'm starting to work on a top-down pack that will have some variation on the scenery 

How many fps is the animations?

in the folder with the sprites there is a .pgn file called strip with some number on the front, that's the frame of the sprite

Oh ok thanks!

I liked it a lot, is it necessary to credit you?

(3 edits)

thanks! ;) 

well, only if you want


This is such a good pack! Thank you!


Thank you! :)


Man, I have no words to say how grateful I am for these Sprites. They are amazing, good job!

(1 edit) (+1)

i have no words to thank you enough! :D

ENJOY!! :)

Hi, Can I use this sprite pack in my game for the competition ??

of course! :D



Hi!, loved the asset pack.

can i modify the sprites?


yeah sure, just dont resell or repost somewhere.

thanks! :)

I am having problems with the attack animation using Godot, when  use the animation player I only get half of the attack animation, when I use the animated sprite the collision doesn't match up. So is it ok to change the main character attack animation to be like the enemies, it only takes up  1 space instead of 2? if you can't change it its ok, if you can thankyou very much.

well, i can send to you just the animation of the char, but you will have to add the swing effect, what do you think?

(1 edit)

actually, i gonna put on a zip, you can download, and the sprites will have (new) on the side

Sure, also thanks for doing this for me :)

This is such an amazing sprite pack, since I am a beginner at making games I am so happy that I found this sprite pack in the first place. keep up the good work!

this make me very happy! im glad to help ;) good luck!


Nice bro


thanks bro


Muito bom!!! Parabéns!!!

Olha, estou finalizando um projeto pra Steam, e preciso finalizar algumas pixel arts, se tiver interesse em paticipar me fala.

Aqui um video:



Valeu man!  Eu vi que vc me seguiu no twitter e eu até curti a postagem, achei interessante o projeto. Eu to interessado em participar, se quiser me chamar na dm do twitter fique a vontade ou me manda no caio.cesar222@gmail.com

are you able to use this for unity, if so how? (i dont know how to put the character into one sprite to animate)

Sorry, but i can't help you with this :( i recommend you to see some tutorials on how to use 2d sprites on Unity. 

you need to set the sprite to "multiple" in the propriety and then you need to select "Sprite Editor", Slice. Search on the web for better instructions

Nossa, que obra!!! Top demais, cara.
Parabéns, achei que fosse gringo, ficou de alto nível.

fico totalmente lisonjeado com seu elogio hehe :D, obrigado por isso!

Very epic pack

thank you!! :D

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