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This is a Pixel Art Asset Pack for a platformer or metroidvania type of a game, this pack will include two types of tiles: One for a forest level, and other for a cave level.

Background -  240x160

Tiles - 16x16

Herochar and Enemies - 16x16 and 16x8

If you want to credit me, just put: o_lobster or my link page: https://o-lobster.itch.io/


(this is just some of the animations)

  • An animated mainchar: 


  • Animated enemies:

  • Animated miscellaneous:

And some other things.

I've made some music in the past few day. Feel free to listen and support me :D 


Sorry for the lack of content, i'm working on some other projects :P

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Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, GameMaker, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Sprites, Tileset
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

platformer_metroidvania asset pack v1.01.zip 163 kB


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esta muy bueno, cuando le agregas otras cositas como combos de ataque y otros enemigos (jefes)

Deleted 120 days ago


there we can talk better

Can it hold on to the wall?


I downloaded this asset when it was free, can I use it or I have to buy it?

yeah you can still use it


bro can u sent me this assest on my email 



i cant give it for free anymore sorry bro :c


just curious, why did you change this from free to paid? not upset, just wondering

Any chance you have a pull animation for the hero somewhere? :)

I just need the tileset.


Hey if I used this asset pack could you play it?

Can I use this assets for commercial game?


This pack is free?!?! Should cost like 10 bucks!

It was free?


Haha, yeah it was free until recently. I was sad to see that change, but I mean.. artists gotta eat and the pack is def still worth it.


yeah, I get that, but at least in my opinion, what they should have done is make a paid version with more content, not make something free into a paid thing

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Awesome asset pack, I love it!

For autotiling, I carved out some pieces from the tileset to import into tilesetter to try and make something that worked with Godot's auto tiling. It's not perfect, but it's good enough for me since I just wanted some assets to play around with. 

Thanks again for your work!

Actually very cool!

Thanks so much for this beautiful asset pack! It was just the thing I needed for my uni games programming project!

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your tileset is missing some tiles, so the autotile doesn't work well :)

Hi there, I'm making a game for college that all my assets are valid for commercial use licencing, is this okay with you?

thank you! I will be using this for a university project :D


so cool!

Greetings, I used your tileset for a short tutorial video about the Godot 4 terrain tilemap system. Thanks for the asset pack!

I used this pack to create my first ever Indie Game! I can say it doesn't disappoint and the animation is just flawless! This creation is worth so much more than being free. But thank you for making it free so people can enjoy your amazing work! <3 

thank you so much! i'm glad for that :D

Hello :D :
First of all congratulations for your nice asset pack, is very complete to create a good metroidvania.... oh relating to that, I'll start the metroidvania jam, can I use your assets and give you credit? :)

Thank you! :D

thank you kindly! of course you can use it :D good luck ;)

hello, I'm creating a game in unity, and I wanted to know if I can use your asset pack and make a slight modification, and of course I'll leave the credits to you in the Description

yes you can do that, thanks ;)

Hey bud! Real nice setup. I am currently using it for my game but i have a question. Do you also have an in-air slash and walking-slash? i really miss those and they would make a great addition to the char !  

if not- tips on how i can implement them myselves? I really need it for my game :D 

thanks! well you can add a little effect via code, but idk how you would do that tbh :c

This is amazing! Thank you o_lobster

thank you ;)

Fantastic Art, we used it in our 3 week game jam platformer game. We credited you in the description, thank you for this fantastic asset pack.

thanks! yooo thats a really fun game :D congrats!!

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It's an awesome work, I really like it! Maybe if you agree with it, could I and my partner use your assets for the school end-year big project?

sure! good luck with that :D

thanks btw ;)

Great work! The player character sorta reminds me of a cross between the hollow knight main character and Vivi from final fantasy 9.

thanks! yeah, those characters were my main inspiration :D

I finished game development,
I managed to steam it if you
can pass it. I put credits.


Great project, can I use it for commercial game project? And of course, you are in the credits. Thanks!

yes of course! thanks btw ;)

Thanks. I'm glad to hear that!

That's amazing. Can i use it for commercial project? Of course, i am gonna credit you. :)

thank you ;) yep you can use it for that

Thanks. I am just working on my universuty project and maybe i'll upload the game to google play.
So, how i should credit you to evade any problems with license? Is your nickname and itch.io link enough?

well, if you put my itch.io profile link i'd be very glad :D

Ok, thanks! :)

Thats great, you should make more of these!

thx! maybe in the future who knows ;p

That's a really good artwork, good job. But i don't really know about licenses so, i have permission to modify, like change the colors if i give you due credit? i'm still trying to understand that.

thank you!

yeah, thats right

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niceeee cool artworkkk!!!!!!! but i would like u to make a seperate png file cause my software does not support tile sets.... anyways its cool!!!

thank you! i'll do that in some proper time, but i cant promise you anything tho, sorry



Hey, i only want to thank you for the great work! this is beautiful.

And btw, i use it in a jam, so double tank you. And of course you are in the credits.


thank you very much! 

good luck and have a nice day :D

Really cool asset i loved the art tho

thank you kindly ;)

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Hello Sir! I Hope you're doing fine. I'm using your art to make a project for an final exam, i hope you dont mind. I'll give you the credits for sure. But i was wondering if you could make the sword attack the one with the animation from the mainchar and the Goblin, but with 16 pixels of width, if you dont mind. Because where i'm programing, the animation with 32 pixels of width it's not working very well because it has a diferent width size compared to the other animations.

well, you can just use the attack effect in front of the char, i dont know how to make the entire animation in 16px

Ok. Tank you! I'll give it a try

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Hello! Your art is match with my game so I’m making my first platformer with it. But I need a little more animation (waking up) so it will match up with the story. I wonder can I create it by my own from hero character. The game I make is for learning! Hope you approve it.


of course man! be creative ;) good luck

hello your art is very very nice. I want to make a game and use this asset if you don't mind? I will credit you both in the game and in the itchio page of the game <3 

(1 edit)

thank you, i'd be glad for that! :D

  Hi, I love your artwork and I will use it to do my tests ^^
and was wondering how I can use this font in the hud elements 
folder, if you can have it in ttf format, thanks so much for 
the excellent work!

thank you! 

you can use this font that resembles the one on the folder: https://www.fontspace.com/elf-boy-classic-font-f45909

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