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This pack is for those who want to make a zelda-like type of game, or even some adventure game with just some puzzles here and there. Be creative! :) I'd be glad to see some projects of yours using this asset.

Credit is most welcome, but not entirely necessary.
But what this pack have inside?
2 types of tileset (including some animeted tiles):

Door Tile Opening

 Spikes Trap Broken Floor

Crystal LootCrystal Loot Collected


Overworld TilesetDungeon Tileset

A fully animated in 4 sides main character:

Main Char Spritesheet
6 unique enemies sprites (all animated, but not in 4 sides): 

Bomberplant IdleBomberplant Throwing Bomb  Phantom IdlePhantom Running  Pinkbat IdlePinkbat Running

Pinkslime IdlePinkslime Running  Spider IdleSpider Running  Spinner IdleSpinner Attacking

Bomberplant Spritesheet   Phantom Spritesheet

Pinkbat Spritesheet Pinkslime Spritesheet

Spider SpritesheetSpinner Spritesheet
If you see anything wrong, just say it on the comments! :) With your criticism i'll be able to evolve and become a better artist. If you think of something that would be nice to have in this pack just say it, but be mindful that my set of skills in the animation and art department isn't that great. :P
 Also a big thanks to everyone that followed me on the time i've been on this website, thank you for your support and for using my previous packs.
I wish every luck in the world for you and i hope that everyone can stay safe on these dark times that we've been living. Love and peace! <3


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Top_Down_Adventure_Pack_v.1.0.zip 216 kB


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This set looks great, I'm planning to use it on a jam. Maybe with procedural generation.

Nice looking pack, but I just want to say it’s really cool how you put the examples together

thank you very much! :D

Love this a lot and actually started using it on a project I've been working on. Do you have any plans for expanding on this pack or making a new one in the same style? Looking for NPCs, more house styles, items, etc.

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yeah, i'm planning on doing the second part of this pack with a village, npcs and more dungeons and maybe a boss ;)

i just dont have the motivation and creativity to do it now :(

I loving this pack so much, but am having a problem with the attack sprites. I'm no artist, but I think it might be caused with the attack sprites being a different dimensions than the other ones. I can send you a video of what is happening if that helps. 

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thank you!

please do that and i'll see what type of problem youre facing

I sent it to the email you have posted on your main itch page. 

Hello Sir, I Already buy this assets. Nice art sir... 😊

thank you kindly ;)

this is amazing work!! I really hope to see more in this style! Maybe some expansions or something, more buildings and enemies and what not. This is stunning art!


wow thank you so much! in fact i'm thinking on some expansions, like some new dungeon designs, a village with npcs and some enemies and bosses ;) thank you again!

+1 i'm planning a new project based on your awesome tileset. I would welcome an extension :)

Oooh, I love your style!

thanks! your style is pretty nice too

wow awesome assets! congrats!

thank you very much! :D

woo nice sprites 

thank you! ;)

Hello. nice work. What is the size of sprite please 

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thank you ;), it's 16x16, but some of it may vary, but if you're using windows, just put the mouse on top the .gif image and that will show the exact size

I bought it. It could be useful to put a Tmx map (Tiled) for show some examples :) and palette

well, the screenshots on the right side of this page are the examples made in the Tiled.

i used this palette with some alterations here and there: https://gumroad.com/l/qMfX