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This pack is for those who want to make a zelda-like type of game, or even some adventure game with just some puzzles here and there. Be creative! :) I'd be glad to see some projects of yours using this asset.
If you want to credit me, just put: o_lobster or my link page: https://o-lobster.itch.io/
But what this pack have inside?
16x16 tiles (you can upscale it to 32z32). ;)
2 types of tileset (including some animeted tiles):

Door Tile Opening

 Spikes Trap Broken Floor

Crystal LootCrystal Loot Collected


A fully animated in 4 sides main character:

6 unique enemies sprites (all animated, but not in 4 sides): 

Bomberplant IdleBomberplant Throwing Bomb  Phantom IdlePhantom Running  Pinkbat IdlePinkbat Running

Pinkslime IdlePinkslime Running  Spider IdleSpider Running  Spinner IdleSpinner Attacking

If you see anything wrong, just say it on the comments! :) With your criticism i'll be able to evolve and become a better artist. :D
 Also a big thanks to everyone that followed me on the time i've been on this website, thank you for your support and for using my previous packs.
I wish every luck in the world for you and i hope that everyone can stay safe on these dark times that we've been living. Love and peace! <3


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this Asset Pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Top_Down_Adventure_Pack_v.1.0.zip 217 kB


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It would have been nice if you would have listed that these were 16x16 tiles.  These could be to small for a lot of peoples needs.


After using the pack a bit I have found upscaling them to 32x32 doesn't wash out the colors that bad at all.

16x16 is the normal but i made it with the upscale in mind

Nice work, I bought this asset pack and even started making my game, I would be thankful if you want to see the prototype (:

thanks! i'd be glad to see your work :D


Hello there, I'm looking for a artist for my game would you be interested?   If so what would you be working for?

Hey can I use these assets in a game I'm making. I'll give you $8 out of the $16 the game will sell for. I'll also give you credit.

yeah sure :D


Did you update this?

What color palette did you use?

Is it okay if I recolor these and make edits to them? I'm not handing it out or making money off it, I just wanted to make an RPG and found these from griffpatch! I want to make sure it's okay with you before publishing the game.

its okay ;)

why do i have to pay to get the tile set if i can just download it from another website for free?

what website? send me the link

@griffpatch on Scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu/) has used this, but only the tiles, and now lots of people have access to it for free...

i know, i let griff use it for education purpose

Nice :)



dont you dare say that

Ok, I respect your opinion but don't express it here.

thanks a heap o_lobster for letting griff use

hello, o_lobster if I make a game using this pack is it ok to post it on itch.io

Thanks for this terrific asset pack. I used your player sprite as a starting point for developing the central character in my game. She shows up a few times in this article I wrote. https://nevkatz.medium.com/building-a-better-dungeon-level-b04d133a6ca 

I plan to incorporate more of your assets as I develop the game. Keep up the great work!

Hi, o_lobster! I鈥檝e accessed this asset pack through Griffpatch, and I have a few questions, if you wouldn鈥檛 mind taking the time to answer them. Thanks in advance!

  1. Can I use these assets commercially, and by what terms?

  2. I only own some of the pack, could I be granted an itch.io key to download the rest?

yes you can use it comercially but you need to credit me as o_lobster or my itch.io profile link.

sadly i cannot give this pack for free anymore sorry :(

Lol you've been getting a bunchof sales i bet so you wanna capitilize on it, smart.

Hello! Some time ago I used this pack in a game and it fit amazingly, thank you so much!


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I love this assets.

start making a game with this.

Noice :)

I'm currently building an action adventure based on this awesome asset pack. Here's a prototype.

Thanks! :)

Can i use it to commercial project? I'll add info about that pack.



Perhaps put your credits in the zip file. not only ppl will remember you it is also easyer to find the place where you got the pack.

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Will you be updating this with 4 side enemy animations? If not that's okay, understandable :)

Also would there be a info file for how to split the tiles? Like width/height and x/y coords? Again, if not its fine! 

thank you! this is amazing!


Hold up. This is what griffpatch uses!?

You're from Scratch...

Yeah. My username is fries09.

yea, cool, isn't it?


wow just wow

what a cool tileset thanks for all the work you 

Amazingly detailed work!

I'm definitely gonna make a game out of this. Thanks! :)

Hey :) These sprites look super amazing! Am I allowed to use them in my game and publish it on the App Store? Of course I will link ur itch io profile and say, that these tiles belong to u :P It would mean a lot to me!

griffy a few days ago

really good art.

I'd love to see more town structures like houses.

You're doing a really good job.馃憤



Just some random person on the internet

I just know him as Griffpatch

Really excellent as usual!

Is ther a way to get it for free?

yet just click the button saying "no thanks just take me to the downloads page"


This is so cool! I hope I can yous it in a game!

Can I use it in my own game?? I will credit u ofc. Isn't there a licence on it?

This set looks great, I'm planning to use it on a jam. Maybe with procedural generation.


thx, good luck with that! ;)

Nice looking pack, but I just want to say it鈥檚 really cool how you put the examples together

thank you very much! :D

Love this a lot and actually started using it on a project I've been working on. Do you have any plans for expanding on this pack or making a new one in the same style? Looking for NPCs, more house styles, items, etc.

(1 edit)

yeah, i'm planning on doing the second part of this pack with a village, npcs and more dungeons and maybe a boss ;)

i just dont have the motivation and creativity to do it now :(

I loving this pack so much, but am having a problem with the attack sprites. I'm no artist, but I think it might be caused with the attack sprites being a different dimensions than the other ones. I can send you a video of what is happening if that helps. 

(1 edit)

thank you!

please do that and i'll see what type of problem youre facing

I sent it to the email you have posted on your main itch page. 

Hello Sir, I Already buy this assets. Nice art sir... 馃槉

thank you kindly ;)

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